Larry & Penny Ball – Wantage, NJ

Michael Barone has been doing work in and outside out home since 2014. As of this date, he has painted all rooms except one, plus our porch. After we had wood floors installed, he repaired and matched the baseboard to our new floors.

His work is excellent, he holds himself to a very high standard. He is reliable. You can count on him to arrive and depart at agreed times and he cleans up before he leaves. He is very considerate of the area in which he is working, careful of all surroundings.

As a person who has much difficulty picking colors, I have found his advice invaluable.

When my mother-in-law passed in 2014, Michael painted the interior of her home as we readied it for sale. Although we were not on site, he maintained his high standards for quality painting. The basement transformation was amazing! When I first saw it after he had finished the work, I couldn’t believe it was the same space. We sold the house in less than a month and we attribute that quick sale in great part to Michael’s excellent work.

If you are looking for a skilled painter with a great work ethic and high standards, Michael Barone is a keeper.