Nicole – Hamburg, NJ

Michael Barone has painted three of our houses over the last eight years–and when we say houses, we mean floor to ceiling every room in the place.  The fact that we keep hiring him again, and again, and again should speak volumes about how we feel about the quality of his work.

In the most recent project that we hired Michael to paint, there was an issue where the painters’ tape peeled up the finish on the wood treads of our stairs despite being told by the flooring specialist that the product was safe to use.  Michael contacted us immediately to alert us of the damage and stepped up (even though we did not consider it his responsibility) when the flooring contractor refused to get involved.  He researched the best products to use and then proceeded to hand sand, buff and refinished the stairs himself.  Not only were we grateful that Michael was able to fix the problem, but his meticulous craftsmanship was far superior to that of the “professionals” who originally did the flooring work for us.

Bottom line…we would HIGHLY recommend Michael Barone to everyone!!!